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AIMP.COM.PL Service was established in February 2009. It is a Polish Support the increasingly popular program for listening to music - AIMP. It was created with the aim of Polish users who have been forced to write on the official forum of Russian and rarely received a response. That is why we decided to create a Polish support the project.

We are the only Polish AIMP official support of the project. We have a permit authors to promote their program in the network and use the official name, so that each user visiting our website and forum will always receive accurate information about the project in the fastest possible way.

From February 2009 Our website was visited by six million users.

If you are interested / a cooperation (exchange a link or button) then please respond. Please remember to specify the contents of an e-mail address, approximate statistics and a few words about the service, as well as information as a form of exchange is right for you.

Banners can be found below AIMP.COM.PL


What we expect from your site:

- An average of 1,000 unique visitors per day,

- Rank> 2,

- Interesting topics,

- The page must be in accordance with the Polish law.

Contact e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Cooperation in the form of a link:

<a href = "" title = "AIMP, AIMP2, aimp3, skins, plugins, skins, download, download, support, Polish, icons, wallpapers, editor, player, mp3 "target =" _blank "> - Polish Official Support AIMP </ a>


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